Before And After Crossfit

Crossfit Body Transformations

Karen is at the end of her second “round” of clean-nourish-transform.
The photos on the left were taken on September 3, 2014.  The photos on the right were taken November 24, 2014 –  less than 12 weeks later!

In LESS THAN 12 WEEKS Karen lowered her body fat percentage by 3.7%%.  She has lost a total of 7.5 inches off of her waist, hips and thighs.  And she has lost 14.8 pounds!!!

Chrissy is at the end of her second “round” of clean-nourish-transform.
The photos on the left were taken on April 22, 2014.  The photos on the right were taken July 3, 2014 – just 10 weeks later!

In ONLY 10 WEEKS Chrissy lowered her body fat percentage by more than 3%.  She has lost a total of 10 inches off of her waist, hips and thighs.  And she has lost over 13 pounds!!!

…AND her athletic performance continues to improve!

“Most people don’t come to us looking for a breakthrough in the way they think.  However, one of the common side effects of CrossFit is a shift in your perception of what you thought was possible, and willingness to do things outside your comfort zone.  Intensity doesn’t just come from what you’re able to do, but what you’re willing to attempt and how hard you’re willing to push.  By practicing attempting things that are beyond what you think is possible, you get familiar with being unsure, uncomfortable, tentative, and even afraid, then doing it anyway.  And don’t think this doesn’t translate to the rest of your life.  As I saw written on the wall at CrossFit One World, ‘You are in CrossFit who you are in life.’”

(from Petranek Fitness, a CrossFit affiliate in L.A.)



“CrossFit is amazing.  I joined the program having been focused only on running for quite some time and am now working out muscles I haven’t used in years.  And the emphasis on nutrition and eating well is also something I was lacking.  I honestly have not been in this good shape in a long time.  The camaraderie and fun of working out in a group is also a big motivator.  I recommend CrossFit to anyone who is looking for a new fun break from their current workout routine.

-Richard S  from Pennington, NJ

Before starting at transform CrossFit, Jenny’s workouts consisted, for the most part, of extended cardio sessions (daily 6-mile walks pushing a stroller).  Despite her consistent effort, the weight loss was very slow–8 1/2 months after giving birth to her son, Gio, she had only lost 12.4 pounds (an average of 1/3 pound per week)…. THEN SHE DISCOVERED CROSSFIT.  She lost 9.2 POUNDS IN HER FIRST 6 WEEKS at transform CrossFit!!  That’s over 1.5 pounds per week (21.6 pounds total) and she says, “I am so addicted to CrossFit!  I can’t get enough!”  Look out!  Hot mama comin’ through!

Since starting at transform Crossfit and eating Paleo I have lost 22 lbs and went from wearing a size 10 pant to wearing a size 2 (with a belt!).  I have more energy, greater overall strength, and longer endurance.  I feel like I am living in my 20 year old body!”

-Diana B – Pennington, NJ

“Transform CrossFit has been an amazing journey for me.  After the very first day of Foundations Class I embarrassingly threw up, twice, and swore to myself that this was not for me and that I would not return.  With Tracey’s encouragement, I continued with Foundations and began the Paleo nutrition plan.  Almost immediately I began to see positive changes in my body, energy level, and overall fitness.  Being a busy working mother of two small children, it is often difficult to make time to exercise.  I love that CrossFit classes are only 30-45 minutes long (often less!) and that you can view and schedule classes online, it could not be more convenient.  Tracey, a million thanks!!”

– Sarah E  from Pennington, NJ

“I joined Crossfit when I decided that I needed a dramatic change in my life.  I was feeling uncomfortable in my own skin, and I liked that Crossfit offers a program that addresss both fitness and nutrition.  Tracey said that people who tried full Paleo from the start usually enjoyed the fastest results, and now, FIFTY pounds lighter, I believe her!  Plus, I enjoy eating Paleo.  I have consistent energy throughout the day, and I never feel myself getting ravenously hungry or painfully stuffed.  Also, Tracey’s workouts are intense in a way that creates group camaraderie and personal pride, plus a few sore muscles.  She understands how to keep challenging each individual while encouraging them along the way.  I would recommend Crossfit to anyone who would like to see the kind of fitness results that can be achieved through a healthy, determined approach.”

– Amy B from Princeton, NJ

“CrossFit has been revolutionary for me. In the moments before every single workout I am always a little nervous, in part because I know I will be challenged but also because I want to improve on so many different levels. I compete against me while feeding off the energy of other Crossfitters. This approach to exercise is as much about community as it is about my own gains.  

I’ve been a CrossFit athlete for about six months now and can say without hesitation that I feel better than I have in years. But, and this is the key, I know that I have so far to go. Tracey has served as an incredible inspiration on every front (proper form, nutrition, energy) and I will be forever grateful that she saw the benefits of CrossFit and was diligent about immersing herself in all that it offered.” 

-Andy M Titusville, NJ